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    Working with Tables using the PI AF SDK


      Could someone point me to any sample code / examples of how to create a table in AF and then write to / read from this Table via C# or VB.NET.





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          Rick Davin

          Hi Chris,


          I'll see what is over on GitHub.  If nothing is there, I will make a short example for you.


          For reading and writing data, it's important to use the AFTable.Table property, which returns a System.Data.DataTable.  This means you would use standard Microsoft System.Data calls to read or write data.

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            Rick Davin

            You will need to add OSIsoft.AF.Asset and System.Data to your usings:


            private static void TableExample(AFDatabase database)
                var aftable = CreateTable(database);
            private static AFTable CreateTable(AFDatabase database)
                // use System.Data calls
                var sourceTable = new DataTable();
                sourceTable.Columns.Add("Engineer", typeof(string));
                sourceTable.Columns.Add("Power", typeof(int));
                // use AF SDK calls
                var aftable = new AFTable("Magical Powers");
                aftable.Table = sourceTable;
                if (database.IsDirty)
                return aftable;
            private static void PopulateTable(AFTable aftable)
                var sourceTable = aftable.Table;
                var row = sourceTable.NewRow();
                // By column name
                row["Engineer"] = "Chris";
                row["Power"] = 100;
                // By column index
                row = sourceTable.NewRow();
                row[0] = "Rick";
                row[1] = 200;
                // mixture
                row = sourceTable.NewRow();
                row[0] = "Anna";
                row["Power"] = 300;
                // Or as params object[] and skip row variable
                sourceTable.Rows.Add("Paul", 400);
                sourceTable.Rows.Add("Marcos", 500);
                sourceTable.Rows.Add("Gregor", 600);
                if (aftable.IsDirty)


            Creates this:


            2017-06-22 13_58_49-__RDAVIN7250_Pipeschd Tables - PI System Explorer.png


            And this bit of code:


            private static void ReadTableExample(AFTable aftable)
                var sourceTable = aftable.Table;
                foreach (DataRow row in sourceTable.Rows)
                    Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}, Power: {1}", row[0], row[1]);




            Name: Chris, Power: 100

            Name: Rick, Power: 200

            Name: Anna, Power: 300

            Name: Paul, Power: 400

            Name: Marcos, Power: 500

            Name: Gregor, Power: 600


            You can refer to a column by index, name, or column object in memory but that's all Microsoft System.Data and nothing to do with AFTable.