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AF Constants

Question asked by mark.omeara on Jun 27, 2017
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I have a question about where to store constants (such as 'air density', 'pressure at sea level', etc) that shall be used to support Expression Analysis and Formula Data References.

If they are used in one calculation only, then placing them directly in the Expression or Formula seems fine. But what if the constant is used in multiple templates/areas? What if the 'constant' may change every year (for example a yearly 'stretch target') and thus have a time context associated with it? And what if the user wishes to add a future date when a new 'stretch target' (or other such constant) kicks in?


I can think of a few approaches, for example defining an element structure that contains the constants. Perhaps storing constant values in PI Points to provide time context (not good for licensing or future timestamps - perhaps future data is better?). Maybe using AF versioning to provide time context, but this seems difficult to maintain.


What is best practice in this area?