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Get only specified attributes instead of all in Points Controller

Question asked by aokolity on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by aokolity

Hi Team,


We are using PI AF Web API in order to get point settings.

This is our call: /piwebapi/points/{0}/attributes?selectedFields=Items.Name;Items.Value;Items.Links.Point

It is working, but payload is huge. (for example: batch call to fetch 100 attribute settings)

We only need 4 attributes: compdev, compressing, convers and step.


Is there a way to get only these attributes instead of everything?


We tried /piwebapi/points/{0}/attributes?nameFilter=compdev&selectedFields=Items.Name;Items.Value;Items.Links.Point

It's working fine, but I need to have a possibility to send a list of attributes/filters.


Is there a way to define a list taking into account that nameFilter works in two modes: compare as string and compare as RegEx?

We tried /piwebapi/points/{0}/attributes?nameFilter=compdev|compressing&selectedFields=Items.Name;Items.Value;Items.Links.Point

It's not working. )=


Thank you.