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    Get only specified attributes instead of all in Points Controller


      Hi Team,


      We are using PI AF Web API in order to get point settings.

      This is our call: /piwebapi/points/{0}/attributes?selectedFields=Items.Name;Items.Value;Items.Links.Point

      It is working, but payload is huge. (for example: batch call to fetch 100 attribute settings)

      We only need 4 attributes: compdev, compressing, convers and step.


      Is there a way to get only these attributes instead of everything?


      We tried /piwebapi/points/{0}/attributes?nameFilter=compdev&selectedFields=Items.Name;Items.Value;Items.Links.Point

      It's working fine, but I need to have a possibility to send a list of attributes/filters.


      Is there a way to define a list taking into account that nameFilter works in two modes: compare as string and compare as RegEx?

      We tried /piwebapi/points/{0}/attributes?nameFilter=compdev|compressing&selectedFields=Items.Name;Items.Value;Items.Links.Point

      It's not working. )=


      Thank you.