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    Loading PI Vision Displays from Toolpane




      We have developed a toolpane extension that displays parts of our af structure.

      Now we want load diplays from that toolpane. i know that i can use https links to load my displays, but that would require to put all displaynames and displayids into af attributes.


      What i would like to do is load a display by its name through javascipt calls to probably something like the displayprovider?

      Does anyone know if thats possible or not?





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          You can use the webServices injection rather than displayProvider to get a list of all displays and their IDs:


                   webServices.getDisplayList().then(function(success) { /* do things, success.data contains the list of displays */})


          success.data[i].Name contains the display name.

          success.data[i].Id contains the display Id.

          success.data[i].DisplayLink contains a full URL to navigate to the display.


          This will return all displays (Vision/PB/Event), if you're only interested in Vision displays, pass:


                  { storagetype: ['CoresightDisplay'] }


          as a parameter to getDisplayList (note that this is PI Vision 2016 R2, hence still 'CoresightDisplay', in PI Vision 2017 use 'StandardDisplay' instead)

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