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    ...unable to connect to PI server.


      Hi there,


      struggling to get my feet of the ground with PI for StreamInsight. Thought I did all the install steps in order. When i run the test app or any of the sample projects i get an error message about not being able to connect to the PI server. What am i missing?


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      OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Information: 0 : TypedSnapshotPointInput`1_0(Running): starting...


      OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Error: 0 :   SnapshotPointOutput_0(Running) Exception: Failed constructing Event Sink: unable to connect to PI Server, myPiServer


      Status: Failed to initialize

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          Ahmad Fattahi



          If even the sample projects are not running properly we may want to consider checking if the installation was done right. Also, you may want to consider the connection to the PI Server using some other client tools from the same box as StreamInsight.


          Since this may need some live testing and troubleshooting, as well as possible log file analysis I would suggest you start from our regular Tech Support. They can provide you with a remote session on your box and troubleshoot on the spot.

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              Thanks for the fast response, Ahmad. I'll reach out to Tech Support. Connectivity shouldn't be an issue. All the pieces are on a development Win7x64 machine and other client side applications run normal. Unless there are some new trusts, groups, or credentials that need to be managed here...


              Cheers, and thanks again, Gregor