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    PI Inetrafce Upgradtion


      Hi Everyone,


      Can you guys explain the steps involved in to upgrade PI Softwares( PI SDK, PI ICU, OPC DA etc. ) installed on Interface node. Currently this interface is providing data to PI Server. Is there any risk (Data Loss, Connectivity Loss etc.) involved.



      Thanks in advance.



      Azeem Sarwar

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          Hi Azeem


          You may need to restart interface if you upgrade PI SDK on the interface node. If you using OPC DA then you may lose the data for the time period during the restart. If you have OPC HDA interface deployed then can collect the history for the same time period.

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            Hi Azeem,


            Lal Babu Shaik said well. With OPC DA you are going to have some gap, if the interface node is not redundant. With OPC HDA you can fill that period without losing data.

            Anyway the interface needs to be stopped and started again after upgrade.

            (If the old version was configured without ICU, you may need to set that too.)




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              Hi Azeem,

              Check if the PI Interface service is running with a service account, check if it has pibufss dependency, and record the existing version of PI Interface. Then backup the .bat files within the interface folder. After that, perform the upgrade by running the installation kit and check if the tags are updating after the PI Interface was upgraded. As Lal Babu Shaik and János Petró point out, there will be a bit of data loss when the PI Interface is restarted, because it has to pick up all the tags again.

              P.S. the steps I mentioned at the beginning would help you rollback to previous version if there is unexpected issue happen.



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