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How can I add a Javascript Library to the PIVision libs and specify the loading order of the libfiles?

Question asked by Stiel on Jul 10, 2017
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I use vis.js (vis.js - A dynamic, browser based visualization library. ) in my custom symbol and since the change from Coresight to PIVision it doesn't work anymore. After some debugging of vis.js, I recognized that Hammer.assign is undefined and vis.js has to be loaded before hammer.js like discussed at Vis.js and MaterializeCSS need specific load order for Vis.js to work · Issue #2000 · almende/vis · GitHub. I find out that the external files like hammer.js are in the folder /PIVision/Scripts/libs, but I didn't find where to bind some new libs to the files, which are automatically loaded by PIVision.
Could you please explain me how I can bind some new libs and how I can achieve that vis.js is loaded before hammer.js?