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      Is it possible to have a faceplate (popup window) for every single control valve in a PI PB display in order to show the setpoint, the process value, and the mode. Maybe, using a customized button (VB) so that when the  click on the control valve, he can get the required information.

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          You can create a form with your desired dynamic/static objects (such as strings, values, etc.) and make it visible once the corresponding valve object or button gets clicked. You can take advantage of the Click, MouseHover, or any other event you would like to trigger the pop-up form.

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              Imen, if you want to display the values only, you might want to look into the ToolTips - you can customize them from VBA:

              Private Sub T3Dredbuttonnotpressed_1_ToolTipText(ToolTip As String)
                  ToolTip = "Hi!"
              End Sub