How to best create a 'IsHoliday' point

Discussion created by jariwalaj on Nov 14, 2011
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Hello all! I am not sure that this is correct forum for this, but I did not see any general PI question forum.


I am in the process of defining some performance equations for summing and totalizing process tags. Some calculations will be done based on whether the current date/time is Peak or Off-Peak load. Creating a PE point for Peak vs Off-Peak is straight-forward based on certain day/hour rules. However, if the day is a recognized holiday, the entire 24 hours are considered Off-Peak.


Is there a suggested method for using "standard" PI with PE to denote whether "today" is a holiday? I know that I can create a PE point (something like 'IsHoliday') with a list of hard-coded dates, but this of course seems wrong. Suggestions are welcome.


The PI Server version is 3.4.380. Thanks for the help!