Ahmad Fattahi

Three new additions to OSIsoft vCampus Live!

Discussion created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Nov 14, 2011

We are pleased to announce addition of three interesting presentations to the vCampus Live! agenda:


1) Wednesday 12:00-12:30 Track 4 - Speaker: Yannick Galipeau, iTi


Title: PI AF + PI Event Frames + Ekho from iTi = Real Time Operational Intelligence


2) Thursday 10:00-10:30 Track 4 - Speakers: Graham Dudgeon, Mathworks


Title: Using MATLAB with PI System for Analysis and Process Monitoring


3) Thursday 10:30-11:15 Track 4 - Speakers: Mike Weiss, OSIsoft


Title: Discover How to Programmatically Generate PI Coresight Display with the Right Data Items and Time Range.


Some of the sessions are already filled up and some others are reaching their quota fast. Register today!