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Integration between NI-DAQmx and PI System

Question asked by masant on Jul 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by jmarriott

Hi everybody!


I'm trying to integrate NI-DAQmx hardware with PI System, but I have had some doubts about how I can do it (i'm beginner, by the way, haha).

In case, my intention is acquire data from a vibrator process and process this information using the PI FFT Interface. The plan is collect and process data using the same PC initially.


So, NI-DAQmx just has a USB interface to connect with the PC. One way to do the acquisition data from NI-DAQmx is using LabView and export data using OPC Server. But, i'm thinking: is there any form to collect data from NI-DAQmx directly to PI System? In another words, is there any form to use PI System as data collector to data from NI-DAQmx?  If not, Will I use LabView to acquire data connecting the program in a OPC interface? Or is there any form, more simply, to do it?


Thank You!