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PI Point data getting disappeared after adding through AFSDK

Question asked by AniketAmrutkar on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by gregor
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I am trying to upload data to PI Database from a CSV file.

I have created  a new database, Element Template, Attribute Template


While creating the attribute template...


myAttrTemplate.DataReferencePlugIn = myDB.PISystem.DataReferencePlugIns[“PI Point”];
myAttrTemplate.ConfigString = $“%Server%.{databaseName}.%Element%.%Attribute%;ReadOnly=False;ptclassname=classic;pointtype=Float64";

For each row(i)
         While creating the Elements...
         AFElement myElement = myDB.Elements.Add(element1);

         For each column of CSV
                   Creating the PI point...
                  AFAttribute myAttribute = myElement.Attributes[i];
                  myAttribute.Data.UpdateValue((new AFValue(value[i], dtDateTime)),AFUpdateOption.Insert);




The problem I am facing is the data Time series data disappears after sometime only the last uploaded data remains.