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What can be used instead of rtwebparts in Sharepoint 2013

Question asked by zhumar on Jul 12, 2017
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Good day,


Please, advise what can be used instead of rtwebparts (or how) in Sharepoint 2013.

We have a Sharepoint PDMS web-portal, based on MS Sharepoint 2007 and Windows Server 2003. It's on the old, production server.

And we have another one - new, test server with Windows Server 2012 and MS SharePoint 2013. So, we migrated our PDMS web-portal ( we made a copy of DB and files) on the new server. Most parts are working correctly now except one.


There is a web-page “Create Trend”, which works in the old version of web-portal and doesn’t work in the new, test version of portal.




What do we have on both servers:




I found the following files on the old server and some of them are required to generate those popup window “Select PI Data”:



Maybe I’m wrong, but as I know, it’s not using anymore in PI apps.

How it would be possible to recreate “Create trend” page on SharePoint 2013?