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"Relative" Default Value of a Parameter in a Linked Table

Question asked by KevinMacLean on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by KevinMacLean

I have set up a linked table to an SQL server table.

I would like to limit the size of the table.

I have set up a Parameter in the table link called @StartTime.

I have put in an absolute value as the default value of 2017-07-10 for the @StartTime parameter and it works as expected.

The associated linked table has values from that 2017-07-10.

In the table lookup data reference I have an attribute assigned to the @StartTime parameter (today's date) and it gives the expected results.


My concern is that the linked table will continue to grow unnecessarily large going forward.

I would like to limit the size of the linked table by assigning a default parameter that is "relative" as opposed to "absolute".

For example BOM - beginning of the current month.

Is it possible to do this or does the default value have to be an absolute value?