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    Expression in AF




      A client is asking to build a live OEE using AF.  One attribute is the downtime in minutes since 7:00AM coming from a PE (for now).


      Can we put some expression like in DataLink to receive the elapsed time sine 7:00AM for evaluation of machine availability in % or evaluate the downtime instead of the PE?


      Availability=100-(Downtime since 7hAM/Elapsed Time since 7hAM*100)





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          Sorry for the slow reply, somehow this escaped my vCampus filter.  As to your question, can you tell me how you are populating the AF attribute with the downtime in minutes?  What type of application are you using to generate this data?


          Are you familar with PI Event Frames?  It is perfectly suited to track events such as downtimes and the AFSDK provides a rich set of methods for you to interact with these event frames.