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Interpolated data from uncompressed points

Question asked by mikespath on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by mikespath

Hello data experts,

We use the AF SDK to get data from our pi data archive. Namely, RecordedValues() method. The data sources are varied in the resolution we need to save in the archive.

The slow data (could be hours between data points) we do not compress as we want the raw data. We plot this on the same timeframe as fast data (compression is used in archive)

I've had a request to see if it possible to add interpolated data on the slow data to lineup the timestamps from the fast data when plotted together.


My gut feeling is that is up to our custom code to do this but I'm wondering what the method InterpolatedValues() will do for us. If raw data fed is into it with same timerange, interval, etc.(signature below) will it line up with the fast data?


public AFValues InterpolatedValues(

AFTimeRange timeRange,

AFTimeSpan interval,

string filterExpression,

bool includeFilteredValues



Thanks in advance,