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    [PI Web API] How to calculate the minimum of 2 values in a batch


      Dear Forum Members,


      In a batch request, I defined 2 requests to calculate the minimum value over a time range


              "Method": "GET",
              "Resource": "https://.../calculation/summary?webid={webId}&starttime=01/07/2017&endtime=08/07/2017&summarytype=minimum&expression=if 'Coil Id' = "06789" then Abs('Length' - 12500) else 10000000&selectedFields=Items.Value.Timestamp;Items.Value.Value"
              "Method": "GET",
              "Resource": "https://.../calculation/summary?webid={webId}&starttime=01/07/2017&endtime=08/07/2017&summarytype=minimum&expression=if 'Coil Id' = "06789" then Abs('Length' - 12900) else 10000000&selectedFields=Items.Value.Timestamp;Items.Value.Value"

      Then I need to calculate the minimum of both results.

      The timestamp of the minimum value will be used in sub requests to get values of AF attributes.


              "Method": "GET"
              "ParentIds": [
              "Parameters": "$.???.Content.Items[0].Value.Timestamp,
              "Resource": "https://.../streams/webid/recordedattime?time={0}&retrievalmode=auto&selectedFields=Timestamp;Value"

      How can I calculate the minimum of 2 values and use the result in a sub request ?



      Best regards,