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    Example of reading future data




      We are looking for an example of how to read and write Future PIValues.


      Is there is any recommended "best practice", In addition to information that is found in the AFSDK reference.


      Thanks in advance

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          Rick Davin

          Hi Alex,


          Reading values from a future tag is not really all that much different from a Real-time data tag, so they share the same best practices.  How you ask for values is the same.  What comes back under certain circumstances may be different.  One notable example is querying past the EndOfStream.  If the date is past the EOS but not in the future (i.e. past Now), then a Real-time data tag will return the CurrentValue, whereas a future tag will always return a No Data event for anything past EOS.  A Real-time data tag will return No Data for any time in the future.  Related link:  retrieve future data from attribute with af sdk