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Attention PI PowerShell Users - Can you help with improving our help files?

Question asked by afink on Jul 17, 2017

We are currently revising and updating all the help documents for the PowerShell Tools for the PI System cmdlets.  We are looking for the cmdlets, use cases, and struggles you most often find yourself running into when using these tools to help us prioritize where we focus these efforts.


If you are a user of the PI PowerShell Tools, please let us know any of the following information you are able to provide:

  • What cmdlets do you most often use?
  • What are the most common use cases you find yourself using the PI PowerShell Tools to accomplish?
  • Do you use/are you familiar with PowerShell help? (Get-Help -Examples, -Detailed, -Full)
    • Are there any cmdlets where you think the help is not as descriptive/useful as it should be?
    • What types of examples would like to see provided in the cmdlet help? (be specific if possible - i.e. include cmdlet, use case, etc.)


Thanks everyone in advance

- Adam Fink