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    FindPIPoints is not finding any points


      I have tried the 2 methods from here



      Through AF SDK method, I am again facing the same problem, my data which I am updating ,is getting disappeared after a while.


      Through PI method, I was not able to get PI points,


      IList<PIPoint> points = PIPoint.FindPIPoints(piServer, new[] {"Attribute_name" });


      No points were available in the list.

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          Hi Dilpesh,


          If you are using the PIPoint.FindPIPoints method, make sure you are searching for PI Tag names and not AF Attribute names.

          Do you have the sinusoid tag on your system?  If so, try this method and tell me if it works for you:


          var pts = PIPoint.FindPIPoints(pi, new[] { "Sinusoid" });
          foreach (var pt in pts)


          If that one works, type in the name of the PI Tags you wish to retrieve instead of sinusoid.  Something like:


          var pts = PIPoint.FindPIPoints(pi, new[] { "Tag1", "Tag2", "Tag3" });


          If those tags exist, you should find them.