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Periodic Analysis not updating Output attributes

Question asked by VijayaBhaskar on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by VijayaBhaskar
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Hi Rick Davin

Thanks for all your suggestions in this post and also others which I posted on the PI Square.

In continuation to this conversation, the circular reference error is not appearing after I followed your suggestions but now I can see that AF Analysis is not updating the output AF attributes.


To understand the issue , I will explain  in brief on what we trying to achieve:

We created a AF Analysis "FindTotalLoss" , this will calculated the "TotalLoss" of an Equipment ( Actor) over a period of time based on the input variables "VarStartTime" and " VarEndTime" , this analysis is scheduled at every 1 Hour.

  • We want AF Analysis to hit the PI server on hourly basis if "VarStartTime" and " VarEndTime" are equal i.e. current values --> TagVal('ActorTag')
  • if the difference between "VarStartTime" and " VarEndTime" is is greater than 1 day (eg: *-7d) then AF Analysis should NOT hit the PI server on hourly basis but it should hit the PI server at every 24 Hours --> TagTot('ActorTag', VarStartTime , VarEndTime)


See below captures for the AF Analysis we created for this purpose.



While working on this AF Analysis we faced the circular reference issue and which seems to resolved after applying your suggestions and I can see the good & correct values when I evaluate the AF Analysis but but the AF Analysis is not updating the AF output attributes here.


I am not sure what is the issue and please help me on how to proceed further on this issue ?