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PI formula to find out % of time three pumps are running each day

Question asked by csisk on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by rdavin

(NEWBIE) First thing to disclose is that I asked this question previously and got some great answers back but in implementing the calculation I am getting nothing but zero for a result.


So basically a process worker has asked if I can create a tag that would tell him the percent of time that all three pumps are running each day.   For testing purposes I figured I would start with pump-1 and see if I could get it to do the calculation.


So I created a new tag with the point source set to 'C, Float32, and no instrument tag

Then several users gave me the following formula - TIMEEQ('Pump-1', '*-24h', '*', 1) to add in to the exdesc field.


In letting it run I eventually get the value as being '0' but if I export all the data into excel the I can see that there are values reported so I must be missing something.  I have no clue as to what that might be though.


Also if anyone has any thoughts on the best way to write out the formula for all three pumps (pump-1, pump-2, pump-3) it would be appreciated.   they asked that they eventually get one percentage that would tell them how long the total pumps were running each day.   Thanks


Number of Values:
17-Jul-17 14:43:501
17-Jul-17 13:53:080
17-Jul-17 13:03:021
17-Jul-17 12:06:560
17-Jul-17 11:19:131
17-Jul-17 10:25:490
17-Jul-17 09:40:481
17-Jul-17 08:44:420
17-Jul-17 07:54:531
17-Jul-17 06:58:290
17-Jul-17 06:04:471
17-Jul-17 05:02:410
17-Jul-17 04:18:531
17-Jul-17 03:12:510
17-Jul-17 02:30:521
17-Jul-17 01:26:220
17-Jul-17 00:45:511