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Setting AF Attribute value and timestamp using a CDR (C#)

Question asked by JF.URBIETA on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by JF.URBIETA

Hi to all,

We have to develop a CDR in order to be able to give a correct timestamp to attributes when changed. We know that "PI Data logger" is existing to do that but our client would like to keep all application and information in the same area (PI-AF).


What is existing is that attributes which values are changed by an analysis have their timestamp aligned to their latest change, so this is what we wanna do.


The question is : what is the best way to use?


Do we need to do a Ckeckin() everytime we set the values? We are facing some issues as the update is rejected, but the cause is not very clear.


So any relevant idea will be welcome on this topic... Sometimes stupid questions have smart solutions!