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    Where to find PointID number for TAG list ?



      I'm using PI datalink 2014 .

      In Excel we have the TAG Functions group, there by using the Point ID TAG I'm able to find the pointid number representing the TAG name.

      I would like to get this information for a list of TAG but I'm note able to find how to do this.

      Many thanks for a help on this point


        • Re: Where to find PointID number for TAG list ?

          Hi Yves,


          Please correct me if my understanding of your question is incorrect, but it sounds like you would like to access the pointids for a list of specified tags. PI DataLink would not be a great tool for this, as DataLink is designed for grabbing data rather than tag configuration information. Rather, this would best be accomplished by using the PI Builder plugin for Excel, rather than PI DataLink, as PI Builder can be used for more administrative tasks, and comes bundled with installs of the PI Server and AF Client. To do this, you would select the "PI Points" dropdown, and then "Find PI Points", and search for the tags you want to output. Then you can check off which parameters to display, and pointid is listed at the top, under "System".


          I hope that helped answer your question. Let me know if you need any clarification.