NEW Error on retrieving certain AF Attribute Values

Discussion created by kpotter on Nov 16, 2011
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On October 27, we started getting many errors (at a large customer site) when reading Attribute Values, although the attribute values look fine in PI System Explorer (AF Client).  To troubleshoot, I added the following line of code:

LocalPIServer.MessageLog.PutString("Formula Attribute Value = " & LocalAttribute(AttributeIndex).GetValue.Value & " Directly From .GetValue.Value")

In most cases, this results in an entry such as “Formula Attribute Value = 87.2114 Directly From .GetValue.Value”

BUT, we now have many instances where LocalAttribute(AttributeIndex).GetValue.Value returns something like this:

“Data was not available for attribute 'SwirlAngle': Data was not available for attribute 'OutputPct': Invalid object path format for '..\..\|GrossGeneration'”

Curiously, many of these seem to be cases where the formula is dependent upon an input spanning 2 or more parent-child levels such as '..\..\|GrossGeneration'

Keep in mind, however, that we see the correct number for these attribute values in the AF Client.

I have a csv file of the message log containing these outputs.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,
Ken Potter