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    Right-aligned data gets pushed away


      I normally right-align data, especially vertical columns so that the UOMs stay inline when the numbers shrink/grow to the left.  The problem is that whenever an AF Attribute has an error, it is a very long string, pushing the right end of the value way over to the right.  Then, whenever I select another element (Element Relative), the good number is way off the screen to the right.  It stays there even if I've never entered build mode or changed the file.  The only choice is to shut down and restart ProcessBook.


      Any help is appreciated,


      Ken Potter

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          Ken - there seem to be two options. Storing the position and reseting the position in VBA - or easier you make sure that the long string does not move the value symbol.


          What happens in your case is that the right aligned symbol would be outside the valid display area (the left coordinate would be <-15000) - so PB has to adjust that.


          So to avoid that you just have to start your drawing further to the right of the display. Note that a display is much larger that the visible area (just click on 25% zoom level to get an idea). So scroll your visible area more to the right, and that should avoid tha value symbols pushed away.