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Processbook 2015 SP2 automation fails to open display

Question asked by Matt Caesar on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by dhollebeek

We have written software to automate processbook and since upgrading processbook to 2015 SP2, it no longer is able to open a display file. Here's the simplest

case. The files open when done manually with processbook, just not automated. Is this a bug?

Imports PBObjLib


Module Module1


    Sub Main()


        Dim application = New PBObjLib.Application


        Dim displays As Displays = application.Displays

        Dim display As Display = displays.Open("C:\Users\caesarm\Desktop\Delete\Display1.PDI", 1)


    End Sub


End Module


2017-07-27 12_54_03-ConsoleApp1 (Debugging) - Microsoft Visual Studio.png