Multiple PI Trend charts on a single page.

Discussion created by Nagina on Nov 17, 2011
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Is it possible to have multiple PI Trend charts on a single page. I know we can plot multiple Tags, which we have been able to achieve.


Our requirement goes like this:

  • We have a concept of 'PlotSets' , which contains n-number of 'Plots' and each plot contains n number of 'PI Tags'
  • When users select any plotset on a page, all the corresponding plots must be displayed on page using PI Trend webpart.
  • If a plotset contains n-number of plots, n-number of PI Trend charts must be displayed on the page. One for each plot.

We have been able to get a single plot (n number of PI Tags) plotted on PI Trend web part, by passing the tags as a tag list from our custom webpart to PI Trend web part.


I would like to know if there is any capability in PI Trend webpart to replicate itself dynamically on the page (by passing some parameter from provider web part)?


I know one option would be to programatically add n-number of PI Trend webaprts to page depending on plotset selected. But We would not like to go for it as it means a post-back and performance overhead and not ideal way to get things done.


Thank you


Nagina Arsheen