GetValues in a DataReference

Discussion created by francois_ruel on Nov 17, 2011
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I'm writing a custom datareference to mimic some PE Expression.  The client doesn't want to use a PE from PI, they want to see AF doing the calculation when required.


I started writing a custom DataReference and I'm able to get the calculation result for a specific timestamp or the end time of a timerange, all coded in the GetValue function.


Now, I want to use this data reference in a trend, I did a loop from starttime to endtime of a AFTimeRange context, all coded in the GetValues function .


Based on AF SDK reference documentation, The GetValues should return an AFValues object.  In my function I'm adding a lot of AFValue objects to my returning object (AFValues type) with distinct timestamps and values.


When I'm calling my attribute in Coresight or ProcessBook over a time range, I don't see my values, it stay with my result from GetValue function.


Any suggestion?