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How to add a 'MAX' Logic into a PI Point Equation?

Question asked by Muthulingam on Aug 4, 2017
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Hi friends,

How do add a MAX Logic into a PI Point Equation?

for example:


Actual Equation:

PI Calc Point=-0.000619*(('PI Point 1'*0.145038)^2) + 0.074203('PI Point 1'*0.145038) + 1230.768898


PI Calc Point
exdesclogic required
SeD-xx1-LQ-FRSED-xx1 Liquid Flow Rate Event=PI Point 1, MAX(-0.000619*(('PI Point 1'*0.145038)^2)+0.074203('PI Point 1'*0.145038)+1230.768898,0)If Value is less than Zero (Negative Value), then Output = 0


The PI Performance Equation returns the below Syntax:


Please help.


Ganesh Supromaniam


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Muthulingam Ramiah

Senior Systems Consultant