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Attributes values from elements with PI WebAPI

Question asked by Oscar_Garcia Champion on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by Sumanth.Artham


I have template called metersTemplate. Two of the attributes in the meter template are "newValue" and "newDate" (I'm using analysis service to update the values for these two attributes, the values are written to PI tags). I have around 100 elements using the metersTemplate. Using PI WebAPI - How can I get current value for newDate and newValue from all the elements using the metersTemplate?


I'm using a get request "https://MYservername/piwebapi/search/query?q=%28afelementtemplate%3meterstTemplate" and this return all the elements using the template and its attributes. The attributes show some information but under value it shows Analysis instead of the current value. I'm thinking the get request is returning only the attributes configuration but not history data. Is there any other get request I should be using?