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    vCampus Live and Twitter?

    Lonnie Bowling

      So the conference is just about a week away and I'm getting excited about seeing everyone!  I was thinking this morning that it would be cool if we had a way to communicate with each other during the conference and twitter came to mind.  If we can get enough people following each other, we could tweet when something official or unofficial is going on, this might allow for people to seek out something that is happening real-time if they have an interest.


      I'm not a power user of twitter, but I know there is a groups function.  Maybe we could be added to an OSIsoft twitter group and then everyone follows that group.  Is that possible?  


      My twitter account is @lonniebowling


      What do you guys think, any ideas or suggestions on how this could work?  This also might be a way for those not at the conference to keep up on what is happening.