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Analysis - Measure the time between Sequence Starts

Question asked by Mark.Andrews on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by rdavin

I have a process of 15 units with a batch process and wish to measure the start time between a specific step of each unit.


I have the following Analysis:


1.  UnitStart ='Sequence Step' = "XX" then TimeStamp('Sequence Step') else NoOutput().

     AnyUnitStart = UnitStart. detects the start time of the sequence and this is written to 2 Pi Tags. One is the unit tag to collect individual unit start. The second one is populated with a times stamp when any unit sequence starts.

2. 'Sequence Step' = "XX" And 'UnitStart'='AnyUnitStart' then (UnitStart - (PrevVal('AnyUnitStart' , '*')) else ""



This result is written to the unit Pi Tag.


I have tried to configure this result as a datetime type value but get an error when I try evaluate. Error generating results for preview: .


I have tried to use a string type value but get an error :

Error generating results for preview: Cannot convert '01:02:52.0549929' to type String.
Object must implement IConvertible..




Any suggestions how to do this?