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RemoveSignups of a Deleted PiPoint

Question asked by AlexRakia on Aug 8, 2017
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I have a group of 10 PiPoints that I'm monitoring their snapshots, using PIDataPipe(AFDataPipeType.Snapshot)  with PIDataPipe.AddSignups.

Looking at PIDataPipe.ListSignUpsByServer I see 10 elements. - as expected.

Then the user deletes one PIPoint named (A) using the SMT.

I also notice that the pipe stops bringing values for this PiPoint named (A), which is fine.  - as expected.


Looking at PIDataPipe.ListSignUpsByServer I still see 10 elements. (So the PIPE SignUp remained)


How can I remove the SignUp of this deleted PiPont named (A) from the PIDataPipe?  

Since it is a non-existing PIPoint and I only have it's name available.