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AF 2017 SP1a Upgrade Questions

Question asked by on Aug 8, 2017
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Hey All,


This morning I upgraded my AF Server from 2016 R2 to 2017 SP1a. I am also running PI Vision on this server.  It all went well. However, at the Email Information screen I was prompted to enter the PI Coresight URL and From Email settings.


I changed my previous URL setting, http://<hostname>/Coresight to https://<fully qualified domain name>/PIVision/#/ because of the PI Vision upgrade and the use of https.


As for the From Email entry, I entered "PI Notifications Service" and not a valid userid/email address. Is the From Email field used as the title/subject for the email or should I have entered a valid email address? I am fairly certain our smtp relay does not allow anonymous access.


So my question is, did I respond to these questions appropriately? What are the adverse impacts of having these two settings misconfigured? It seems as though things are working. I can commit changes to the AF databases, PI Vision is up and running, but I have not tested Notifications. If you know of a way to perform a post-upgrade Notifications email test that would be useful.