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How to retrigger a notification based ona new event if trigger is already active

Question asked by caffreys_col on Aug 9, 2017
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I have some PI notifications with triggers (analysis type is event frame generated, not an expression) based on lab analysis (manual entry). I've been asked if it is possible to re-trigger an email even if the previous lab entry also generated an email. For example...

Lab result is entered into PI and it breaches the trigger condition, which then generates an email

A 2nd lab result is entered some time later, which also breaches the trigger condition. I need to generate a 2nd email when the 2nd lab result is entered.


Make sense?


I thought of using the non-repetition interval, but I'm not sure if that's the correct setting; I've currently got it set to 0, but I don't get a 2nd email being generated (as the trigger condition is still true). The resend interval isn't appropriate as the time between lab entries is variable (a couple of hours to a couple of days). I thought about setting the "notify when any trigger condition is true", but again, I'm not sure this will work.


Anyone got a solution to this issue? I'm sure its just a setting that I need to configure but I'm stumped about what it could be. I can't play with the email trigger to see when it gets generates an email as the lab data is important (environmental) and the email goes to all and sundry.