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    Issue with TimeRange Web part




      I am using Trend webaprt to display trends for a set of tags from Pi sever.


      I have been trying to add TimeRange web part to the same page and create a client-side connection with trend web part to control the time range.


      After creating the connection and configuring trend web part to read start and end times from time range web part, the configuration seems to work fine in edit mode....with a post back. But as soon as the page is checked in, all the buttons on time range web part get disabled.


      I am running MOSS 2007 sp2 with Module version of PI Webparts 2010 R2 x64.


      Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.




      Nagina Arsheen

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          I'm not sure why you're seeing the behavior that you describe, but you don't need to explicitly connect PI TimeRange to PI Trend. When both are on the same page, there will be an implicit client-side connection between the two, that is only broken by explicitly connecting the PI TimeRange web part to some other web part on the same page.

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              @Nagina: I think your best option would be to contact our regular Technical Support team for these kinds of questions. They can even do desktop sharing and guide you through some of these things.


              The OSIsoft vCampus program generally focuses on programming and systems integration topics (as the name of this forum implies :D ) - our regular technical support team is still the best approach for administration/configuration/usage questions on our various products.