Using PI Square to search for questions

Discussion created by bvanlent on Aug 9, 2017

NOTE: These questions  came from multiple students enrolled in the Learning course Building Asset Hierarchies in PI AF


A strong tip for all students is that PI Square Search can be your friend.  Granted the first search may not find the hits you want so you may have to try different words.  The two questions shown below are vastly different questions - one discusses a basic feature while the other discusses a much more advanced topic.  This illustrates that PI Square is great for almost any question you may have.  It's not just for people beginning to use PI or people who have many years of experience.


The first question is how to reset the template of a parent element in an AF Hierarchy.


Change Template of Parent in AF Hierarchy


From the thread we can see that the solution is quite simple and can be done following these set of instructions.

Right-click the element > Convert > Change Template then select the template you would like to apply to this element.


The second question relates to where table lookups and table connections execute.


Table Connections vs. Table Lookups - Where do they execute?


This thread goes into great detail into how a Table Lookup goes and finds the data that is being asked for.  I will leave giving the answer to the original thread - it's a long and very detailed explanation - but I thought this would be a great example of the variety of questions that can be found on PI Square.


Both of these examples show what a great resource PI Square can be to find answers to questions.  Chances are you are not the first person to have that specific question and hopefully someone has already asked it