Web Services Binding Problem with PIDataServiceTestHarness

Discussion created by Tfenn on Nov 23, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by spilon

I'm looking for a quick code example to test my PI Web Services implementation.


I tried Lonnie's KPIDemo13 but it requires SL and has the added complication for me of cross domain authentication.


I looked long and hard on vcampus for a simple test example and could only find the code from the webinar - Nov 30th 2010.  If there is something simpler I would be happy to try that.


So I'm trying to modify  the PIDataServiceTestHarness to run against my server ( from 'Builders Café' webinar series, "PI Web Services 2010 and Beyond" held on November 30th, 2010)


This would be a great example as it has all the possible data retrieval scenarios in it.  BUT I'm running into problems with the matching of bindings between my Host web.config and what is in the example.


I could not get the TestHarness wsbindings to match with Host's default PIWebServices web.config.


Do you have a version of the TestHarness which only uses basicHttpBinding as I would think that could most easily match the web config version on my Host which uses no security? 


This will require new app.config and configuration.svcinfo files for the project.


Thanks - Tony