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Notification deleted without deleting linked analysis

Question asked by Jagan on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Jagan

In old notification system that I am using, I had created Notification in below manner. No problem if I delete the created notification in PSE. However there is a problem when I delete Notification alone using SDK. More details
below. Notifications version is: PSE -> File->Server properties->Plug-Ins version against Delivery channel Email is 1.2.1205.10


notification1 = new AFNotification(...);

AFAnalysis rootAnalysis1 = new AFAnalysis(database, "notification1::Analysis");

notification1.Analysis = rootAnalysis1;

// Then analysis condition has been set here


When above notification was created I can see that the used PI point count has been increased 5. If I delete the above notification in PSE, while checking in, I can see that both notification and analysis get deleted and the used PI point used count got decreased 5. For a different similar notification of the above type, I did deletion using SDK using


AFAnalysis analysis3 =  notification3.Analysis;

analysis3.delete()     // Both analysis and notification are deleted



Also in this case used PI point count was reduced by 5.


However, the problem is, before using above code, I have used below code to delete 100+ notifications of the same type


AFAnalysis analysis2 =  notification2.Analysis;

notification2.delete(); // NOTE: Analysis is not deleted by mistake



In this case the PI point count is not reduced at all and then I tried to look for analysis "notification2::Analysis" using AFAnalysis.FindAnalyses() and it's not found. Any one has inputs on how I can now delete this "notification2::Analysis" analysis? and also how to free those 5 PI points used by each analysis/notification?


Thanks in advance,