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    PI Vision requirement


      Hi All,


      We are having PI System 2010 SP1 (3.4.380.70) in our environment. We are not having the AF, Will PI Vision support with current infrastructure?


      Please clarify this.

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          Hi Ramesh,


          PI Vision requires PI Data Archive 3.4.380, so you are ok on that side.  However, PI Vision (as well as the PI web API which it relies on), requires AF 2010 (2.2) as a minimum, although AF 2012 (2.5) is recommended.


          This does sound like a good opportunity to upgrade your PI system so that you can make the most of some of the new features and usability enhancements that it provides.  Some more information on this is available in the links below:





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              Hi Michael,


              Thanks for your reply!  We are having the plan to upgrade PI server in near future, we have requirement to use PI Vision with current infrastructure. I referred the user manual document, in that its mentioned like we will get all features of PI Vision if we have PI AF. It means PI Vision can work without AF.


              Please confirm this. Thanks in advance!


              Thanks & regards,

              Ramesh M

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                  Michael is correct. PI Vision requires an installation of PI AF (at minimum 2010 R3). You can find that directly in the requirements per the documentation. This is due to the reliance on Web API and the Index Search Crawler for the search functionality within PI Vision. Web API has a strict requirement for an AF installation to be present to configure.



                  However, I would like to point out the recommendation is to use AF 2016 or newer (2.8)