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Error Accessing PI AF from PI Vision after changed certificate

Question asked by hoongfh on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by jru

Hi All,


Found that the access of PI AF and Asset switch function is not working properly in PI Vision after changed the certificate from PI Web Admin utility.


Observed the following:

- PI Web API Indexed Databases <https://webServer/piwebapi/Admin/search/database.html> is working fine without any error;

- Administration website <https://webServer/PIVision/Admin> statuses are healthy;

- No Restrict Database access being configured in "User Settings";

- PI AF Server is running as usual;

- The same user account for PI Web API  and PI Web API Crawler is configured in PI Web Admin Utility and the user account was working fine before changed the certificate.


I have performed the following:

- Reconfigured the PI Web Admin utility;

- Removed and re-installed the certificate from IE;

- Cleared internet cache.


However, the PI Vision remains failed to establish the connection to PI AF. What else am i missing?