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Looking for suggestions on how to move a layer after making it visible. (ProcessBook)

Question asked by EvanDispenza on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by EvanDispenza

I am building a ProcessBook Display and wanted a command button to open a popup window with more information.  For example my customer's server has multiple processor cores and hard disks.  On the main display I show the highest percentage of processor core useage and the lowest percentage of hard disk space.  I have the command button make a layer visible which has the information for all of the individual processor cores and hard disks.  This works very nicely in run mode.


Problem is, in build mode all of the layers are displayed in their final resting location (overlapping each other and covering the main display).  This makes modifications very time consuming (moving the layer, editing my main display, then moving the layers back to the correct location).  Is there a way to have all of the layers at the bottom of my display with visibility off and move them to the correct location (left and top properties) when the command button is clicked?  When the close button for that layer is clicked I would then move the layer back to the bottom of the display and toggle the visibility.


I am able to move individual objects on the display using the code below but it does not work with composite (grouped) objects.

     ThisDisplay.Object.Left = XXXXX

     ThisDisplay.Object.Top = -XXXXX


I am looking for a way to move an entire layer or a composite object.  The best idea I have so far is coding the location for every individual object in each layer which would be very time consuming.


Any ideas from the community would be much appreciated.