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Post Upgrade Question for GSE D/3 DBA Interface

Question asked by on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by gmichaud-verreault

Hello All,


   I have completed upgrading my PI System to PI Visualization, Data Archive 2017 SP1, and AF 2017 SP1a.


   My question is regarding the interface node, which is running GSE D3 DBA Should I upgrade PI SMT 2016, PI System Explorer 2016, PI AF Client 2016, PI SDK 2014 R2 to the newer versions, and how?


   Here is the list of installed PI software on the interface node: OSISoft MS Runtime Redistributables; PI AF Client 2016; PI Buffer Subsystem; PI Collective Manager; PI Interface Configuration Utility (PI ICU); PI Interface for GSE D/3 DBA (GSETID3); PI Interface for GSE D/3 DBA (GSETID3) - ICU Control; PI Module Database Builder; PI Software Development Kit (PI SDK) x64 2014 R2; PI Software Development Kit (PI SDK) x86 2014 R2; PI Spt DLL (PISpt); PI System Management Tools 2016; PI GenericNames DLL (GenericNames).