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Table Lookup Using Element in Event Frame

Question asked by JeremyGeorge on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by kfong

I am trying to use a table lookup to find the data using the SiteName and UnitName of parent elements where the event frame is ran.  I cannot seem to get my query right, however, when trying to filter the table using the elements.


Here is my structure:



|..Site(SiteAbbr here)

   |..Unit(UnitAbbr here)

      |..Testing(Event frame triggers here)


My table is straight forward:



MW | SiteName | UnitName | etc...


Here is my query:

SELECT NetGen FROM GenInfo WHERE SiteName = @[..\..\|SiteAbbr] AND UnitAbbr = @[..\|UnitAbbr];RWN=No Data


I assume that I am referencing the elements wrong, especially since they are in the event fram and not another child element.