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update tag value From PI VBA to PI AF

Question asked by Madjid on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Eugene Lee



I have a case where i use vba to call calculation from an external software. the results will be displyed in PI processbook as a TEXTBOX. in order to create trending i have created new tags in PI AF to store data from the calculation.

i am looking for a way to update this data whenever the calculation run.


i have found in this forum an example below: (however this example valid only for PI DSK not PI AF)


Sub updatevaluee()

Dim myServer As Server

Dim myPoint As PIPoint

Dim myValue As Double

Dim myTime As Variant

'change "eammapi1" to your server name

Set myServer = PISDK.Servers("eammapi1")

'change "sinusoid" to your tag name

Set myPoint = myServer.PIPoints("sinusiod")

myValue = TextBox1.Value

'I assume you want the value to just update with the current timestamp

myTime = "*"

myPoint.Data.updatevalue myValue, myTime

'letting you know the operation completed

MsgBox ("Point Updated")

End Sub


Appreciate your support and advise.