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VLE - Not able to connect to server

Question asked by Ashutosh-Mishra on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Eugene Lee

Launched a VLE session for "TechCon 2016: Collecting Data using the new PI Connector for UFL"

Which result in creation of 2 Virtual Machines    

6059-PIDC, 6059-PISRV01
Only 1 of them is accessible(6059-PIDC) but not other.
Got the "Deployment Completion Notification" mail which contains following info :
The connection information is listed below. You can login with username pischool\student01 and the password listed below.
But while connecting it is not accepting above specified username, But able to connect with username as "student01" for 1 machine.
But for another machine it is not working in any case, tried providing usernames as "student01", "pischool", "pischool\student01".
As per my understanding,6059-PIDC is client and another is server. Also observed that no PI processes are running on 6059-PIDC machine.