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Data Archive Collective and AF

Question asked by RyanKJ on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by RyanKJ

Hoping I could get an explanation on this one. I've had this question for a while


We have a three member Data Archive Collective: Server A, Server B, and Server C. If I create a test point on the primary member A, I see the point created on all three of the members. If I go into the archive editor on the primary member A and create three values 1,2,3. I do not see those three values in the archive editor on the secondary members. I understand that each member has it's own separate archives.


Question 1: Should I be able to go into the secondary collective members and manually add archive events like I can on the primary member?


We have AF server installed on all three collective members. If I open a AF database in PSE on the primary member and add the test point in AF I see the current value of 3. If I open the same AF database in PSE on the secondary members the current value also shows 3 for the newly created attribute.


Question 2: How do I know which Data Archive collective member our AF is referencing. When I create the AF attribute I am just adding \\collectivename\testpoint for the point configuration. Is AF going to always try to pull archive data from the primary node even when I'm running PSE from a secondary node member? Why do the secondary members not show 'Pt Created'?


Thanks for your time, hope these questions make sense.