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    Start trigger name in the EF Name


      I want to bring the start trigger name of EF Anlyses in the EF Name.


      I've an EF analyses with multiple start trigger (as in the below picture)

      I want to bring the Start trigger name in the EF Name. I know that we can bring in to EF attribute using the advance option "save start trigger to attribute". But any way to bring it to EF Name.Any Substitution parameter available?




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          Rick Davin

          Hello Afthab,


          This doesn't seem possible.  The naming pattern is fairly limited:


          2017-08-23 09_24_15-__DESKTOP-L6P2PBN_Tanks a Million - PI System Explorer (Administrator).png


          Plus to specify the correct context of an attribute named "|Alert", you would need something like "%@|Alert%" and the pipe symbol is not allowed in the EF naming pattern.

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            You should be able to control this now with latest updates. Here's how:


            1. In your EF Template, add an attribute to write a value to (in my example my attribute is "Unit")

            2. In your EF setup, go to the bottom and click on the "advanced event frame settings"

            3. There should be a setting in there under the "Trigger Settings" that says "Save Start Trigger name to event frame attribute" - select the attribute to be the unit that is triggering the event frame

            4. In your Event Frame template Naming Pattern

            Here is the newest version

            refer to your attribute using the %@Attribute% call - here is an example of mine - my attribute was called "Unit":  %..\..\Element% -  %@|Unit% - %STARTTIME:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff%

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                Eugene Lee

                Nice find Tyler. For everyone's convenience, this is the enhancement that was added in Release - 12/21/2017 of asset analytics.



                It is now possible to use attribute value in the event frame name. The value is resolved at the start time of that event frame.

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