PI Server Performance Evaluation

Discussion created by steven.kociuba on Nov 25, 2011
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This is my first vCampus post, so please be nice


I am tasked with evaluating PI Server Performance when moving from a physical server to a virtual server.  I would like to record some sort of performance statistics to display my results.  I was thinking the best way for me to go about this is to run some sort of load test on the system (a very large client read, database writes) under similar conditions while examining system Performance Counters using perfmon.exe. 


The Performance Monitor Interface user guide was suggesting to monitor the following:

Object Problem  Counters Disk Usage LogicalDisk\% Free Space LogicalDisk\% Disk Time PhysicalDisk\Disk Reads/sec PhysicalDisk\Disk Writes/sec Bottlenecks LogicalDisk\Avg. Disk Queue Length PhysicalDisk\Avg. Disk Queue Length (all instances) Memory Usage Memory\Available Bytes Memory\Cache Bytes Memory\Committed Bytes Memory\Commit Limit Bottlenecks or leaks Memory\Pages/sec Memory\Page Faults/sec Memory\Pages Input/sec Memory\Page Reads/sec Memory\Transition Faults/sec Memory\Pool Paged Bytes Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes Paging File\% Usage Object (all instances) Cache\Data Map Hits % Server\Pool Paged Bytes and Server\Pool Nonpaged Bytes Network Usage Network Segment: % Net Utilization Throughput Network Interface\Bytes total/sec (TCP/IP) Network Interface\Packets/sec   Server\Bytes Total/sec or Server\Bytes Sent/sec and Server\Bytes Received/sec Processor Usage Processor\% Processor Time (all instances) Bottlenecks System\Processor Queue Length (all instances) Processor\Interrupts/sec System\Context switches/sec

While that is a good measure of hardware performance, I also wanted to monitor PI System performance.  I was thinking of also monitoring the following:

Object Counters PI Network Manager Bytes Received/sec Bytes Sent/sec Messages Received/sec Messages Sent/sec PI Archive Subsystem Archived Events/sec Events read/sec Read operations/sec Record disk reads/sec record disk writes/sec

Is there any other PI Performance Counters you can suggest to monitor that will give a good indication how the server is performing?


Is there any other sort of tests I can run to evaluate system performance?